Monday, November 14, 2005

Bush's Poll Numbers Should Concern Democrats

As we all know, Democrats have been wallowing in Bush's poll numbers like they were pages from a revitalization of the communist manifesto. John Hopkins, has a good read, about the subject. And if I could be just a mirror for his blog I would end every post with a "yep". But I would like to add one thing. The Democrats seem very elated about the "Handling the war on Terror" number. This should concern them rather than cause joy. Americans are not dissapointed because we want out of Iraq, or becuase some how we feel the terrrorist are winning. We are dissapointed because Americans like to handle foreign policy much like personal policy.

Example: Let's say John J. Rambo American is sitting in a bar minding his own Budweiser. Next thing he knows, some microbrew purest comes and punches him in the back of the head, going on and on about how capitalism has ruined beer everywhere else.

Now, If Johnny was European, he would standup and look at everyone in the bar and ask "Is is my duty to fight back, I would like a vote to see if is ok with the rest of you, and if there are any friends here, please jump in".

But remember, its John J. American. Instead John immediately throws a bow to the person on his back. Al-Microbrew rolls back grabbing his nose. So John throws a solid punch to his gut.

Now this is the point where John J. American and American foreign policy diverge. American foreign policy would compel John to then hold Al-Microbrew, ask if he was "going to be a good bar patron", and look around the bar to make sure nobody thought he was too tuff on him.

Not John J. Amercian. Instead with Al-Microbrew doubled over from the gut shot, John then throws a knee to the face, sending his enemy to the ground. Then, as Al-Microbrew tries to stagger to his knees, John throws one more blow to the face with a "Stay down!".

Thus, this is not what the Democrats want to hear. Infact, its the one thing that will send them forever down the hole of political oblivion if they ever get their way.

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