Friday, November 11, 2005

It Should Not Surprise You

Al-Qaeda's logic has been flawed ever since they dipped their knives in to Iraq. Simply put, you can't go around killing the people you claim to defending and expect them to back you. This headline is from CNN, so as usual, be very skeptical, but it was reported by more than one news outlet, so I will lend some credence to it:

Furious Jordanians take to streets
AMMAN, Jordan (CNN) -- Calling the al Qaeda in Iraq leader a "lowlife," Jordanians on Thursday flooded the nation's capital in bitter protest of the triple suicide bombings that shook the city a day earlier and killed at least 56 people, most of Arab descent.

The one thing that baffles me is, why now? Iraqi deaths by Michael Moore's freedom fighters surprass American ones by miles, and yet the rest of the "arab" world hardly bats an eyelash. But somehow it was different this time? Honestly it most likey has to with the relationship Iraq has with the US, and general feelings of its people towards us.

I have a feeling that Arabs are a lot like Democrats. They don't consider you a real arab unless you hate the USA, much like your not a real black person unless your Democrat. Thus we come full circle; Islam, the religion of peace only thinks killing people is bad when they are anti-US, and Democrats, the party of tolerance, only accepts you if you are anti-US.

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