Thursday, November 10, 2005

On A Personal Note

I noticed I have been featured on what appears to be a great left wing blog. I say great, because really it doesnt take much for a left wing blog to be "great" by the lowest standards. All you need is 1 of 5 things: 1) A Che Guevara icon on your site 2) A PETA link on your site 3) A reference to Bush as a Chimp 4) Or a reference to him as Hitler 5) A link to the daily kos. This blogger is mediocre even in the liberal world by only exhibiting 2 of the 5 recommended "flair" items. Not only did this blogger misquote me, but here is how they link to LFG:

little green rascist,The latest story floated out to the ever-willing mainstream media by the “anti-war” crowd is that the US military used “chemical weapons” in Fallujah; Scott Burgess has a report that casts serious doubt on this claim: Ablution Exclusive: Weapons Expert Challenges White Phosphorus Claims.

You know the saying: What is the definition of a racist? Its a conservative winning an argument with a liberal.

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